Friday, July 24, 2009

A List of Things That Need to Be Written

Treatise on God
Critique of John Locke (god-given rights) or whoever it was that was the main influence in the theory of laissez-faire capitalism in light of today's society. I could argue that hindsight shows that the author did not see the moral implications of the theory.
Critique of the U.s. Constitution and Declaration of Independence (god-given rights)- God gave us life, but he gave us no rights. Humans create rights for their fellow man. Rights such as life and liberty only exist when man agrees to not infringe upon another's life or liberty.
Don't critique the Declaration of Independence... Perhaps just write a critique on god-given rights.

A theoretical paper arguing for how peaceful diplomatic inteverntion could take place as opposed to military intervention in countries that are invading other countries (in response to one of the several arguments of why we couldn't remove all our military bases from around the world {the argument that we need to have military bases in order to protect countries from invaders}).

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