Friday, July 24, 2009

Concsciousness Revolution

the evolution of consciousness
you are a spiritual being
the consciousness you have now
can evolve
feel your consciousness
the scope of it
it is in your arms
in your hands
all over your body
it is mind and your extended mind
and the perception of those you can interact with
your sight
what can the mind do? how far can it go? how powerful is it? find out.

imagine if the vietnam war was going on.
you and your friends got really stoned.
and then you went out to the street and protested.
think how that would feel.
how meaningful. how beautiful. how pleasant yet powerful.
were the hippies just indulging in that pleasure? would that be wrong? stoned activism
were they right in speaking up about what they were speaking up about?
was god on their side?
or were they just stoned?

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