Friday, July 24, 2009


the world is a funny place i often wonder if i really need to write down all my ideas... my idea now is that we have our purpose revealed to us during times of enlightenment.. .during my time after the mushrooms and during my brother's time recently... my brother is getting a taste of what he must do.. while the spirit guides him.. and i myself received the vision of what i must do with the spirit guiding me to do it ... now the spirit is gone.. and we know what we must do... imagine the spirit returning.. imagine doing what you know you must.. i know i must talk to people.. give people support... encourage them.. love them... that is my purpose.. sufjan stevens is doing what he needs to do.. making music.. and reaching millions (eventually) my purpose does not have to be so huge.. it starts small.. and it grows.. do what you know you need to do... it's not about what i want.. do what god expects of you. no matter how simple...

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