Monday, April 12, 2010

Saddest Book Ever!

Tonight I was coming home and I got an idea for the saddest book ever:

"No Time for Little Man"

Little baby Matthew loved his mother and father. Everyday he woke up thinking of them. One particular morning he woke up making every noise he could think of trying to get their attention. His father had already gone to work. Matthew's mother was in the kitchen making breakfast. There was no time for little man.

Eventually his mother came to his room, got him out of his crib, and changed his diaper. Matthew was very happy to see his mother. He liked the way her hands felt on his back. He smiled as he looked into her beautiful brown eyes. Little Matthew ate breakfast while his mother checked her e-mail on the computer. Then they loaded into the car together. Mother drove to daycare to drop Matthew off for the day. She needed to get to work. Matthew waved goodbye but his mother did not wave back. There was no time for little man.

Matthew had a good day at daycare. He played with the blocks and ate some fun foods. He liked the women at the daycare, almost as much as his parents. Matthew took a long nap, and when he awoke his father was their to take him home.

On the way home Matthew tried to talk to his father from the back seat of the car, but he did not know any words. His father was talking on the cellphone anyways. Matthew heard his dad say something about a "ball game tonight". Matthew was excited. "Maybe my daddy will play ball with me tonight", he thought.

At home Matthew and his father and mother had dinner. They had spaghetti with meatballs that night. Matthew ate up all his spaghetti but he did not like the meatballs. He said "UHMPH" as he threw them across the table. Matthew noticed that his parents looked very tired. Matthew's mother kissed daddy goodbye, and then she put little baby Matthew to bed for the night. There was no time for little man.