Saturday, January 19, 2013

Math Class

I believe people should learn critical thinking in a math class.  The best way to do this is with proofs.  Students need to understand why the math works.  Is this easy?  No.  Is that an excuse?  No.  Not even for the teachers.

Here is a quote from the 2012 NY Times article "Is Algebra Necessary?" by Andrew Hacker, "A TYPICAL American school day finds some six million high school students and two million college freshmen struggling with algebra. In both high school and college, all too many students are expected to fail".  Hacker's idea is to scrap the study of Algebra altogether (to hack it). 

Hacker brings up several good points in his article that question the role mathematics should play in education.  I believe it is time for Math Educators to examine what the purpose of teaching mathematics is.

I argue that mathematics should be used to teach students critical reasoning.  A mathematician does not spend their day...

Should We Be Blogging About Whether We Should Be Talking About Piers Morgan Bringing Alex Jones on Television

The Sandy Hook tragedy has led to much bickering, arguing, and a general opportunity for Americans to express their opinions.  But a person has to ask themselves if the opinions they are expressing are "good-natured".

Every time a disaster falls, Americans feel the urgent need to enact new legislation.  After 9/11 we were rushed into the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Iraq War.  Now after the Sandy Hook tragedy many states are passing gun control legislation (see link Gun Control Bills Flood Statehouses.., ) and there has been talk of a national ban on "military-style assault rifles".  Are we a people prone to panic?  Why is it that it takes a national tragedy to produce such an urgent need to enact change?  When is the last time that something good happened that put a fire into the people?

Certainly there are special interests capitalizing on the events of the Sandy Hook tragedy as a means to enact push forward gun control legislation.  It is difficult to deny that this also happened after 9/11.  Of course there is not a lot of mention of the purpose of the 2nd amendment- the citizenry has a right to protect itself against an oppressive government.   For this reason it is contrary to the notions of liberty  to talk of banning "military-style assault rifles" for all but the military.  Many of you who are reading recognize this truth.

I grew up in a small rural community, where there was constant talk of the government "taking away our guns".  I recognize their sentiment and agree that the government should not take them away.  That is not to say that we should have guns or use them, or more importantly, we need not be passionate about guns.  "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also".

It does not appear that the federal government will be a leader in world peace.  They are not going to give up using their weapons.  The citizens of this country need to do that.

We should not ban assault weapons, we should just not use them.  Jesus said, "Do not resist an evil person".

Great things can happen.  Believe in those things. 

Great things can happen.  Believe in those things. If you believe you have something to say that expresses the will of God, then you need to express it.  This is not easy.  In finding a way to articulate a message in a way that people can understand and receive it can be a painful process.  It can take hard, hard work.  But the more you work, the easier it gets.