Friday, July 24, 2009

The Revolution Will not Be Televised

You Say You Want a Revolution?

You want to change the world, but what are you going to do about it? This is the great question that haunts us all. In euphoric fits of rage we can articulate everything that is wrong with the world without saying a thing about how we are going to change it. We want to change the world, but we don’t know how. The great question “What can I do?” is not easily answerable. We will all find out what we can do in due time. But in till we discover our grand place in the revolution there is one simple, important thing you can do now. A revolution will not take place because of one individual. If a revolution is going to take place it must be put into action by the people, united. Everyone who believes in revolution must get the word out. We need to get out into the world and talk to others about the things you feel so strongly about. This means going to parties, going to bars, going to church, going to our family reunions, etc… The revolution will not happen if we sit at home every night and smoke pot. We have to change the opinions of others through personal conversation. The revolution must come from the people. Opinions must be swayed. Instead of sitting alone at your house all night tonight, get up, go out and talk about whatever you think needs to be talked about, whether it be love, enviornmentalism, poverty, community or communism. But as you do this. Don’t argue. Respect people’s opinions. Share your opinions. Listen to theirs. Don’t be forceful. Be open enough that you could allow your opinion to change and evolve during a conversation.

What is most important is that we lead by example. No one is going to listen to you if you tell them to stop polluting and then you throw your cigarrette butts on the ground. We have to live by whatever we believe in. If I go and tell everyone we have to stop consuming so much and I am not trying to stop myself. Then no one else is going to make the effort. We can tell people to be good all we want. But that is not going to make them good. We need to show people how to be good, how to live, and how to start a revolution. People will follow your lead.

This is only the beginning. Conversation alone can’t bring about the revolution, but it is necessary that the minds and hearts of the people be swayed before a revolution can take place. This is only the first step. The question “What can I do?” will be with us as long as the revolution is taking place. The more we socialize and the more we share ideas the more we will be able to answer that question.

We must act if we want a revolution. We can’t expect the revolution to happen if we sit on our asses and smoke pot every night. We must act.

Don’t be discouraged if someone rips apart your arguments. Your opinion may get bruised. Your ego may be shot. But this is good. It is good to have the holes in your beliefs shown so that you can fill them. Criticism will help your opinions to evolve.

Get to know everyone. Because we are all in this together. When you meet people don’t immediately shove your hatred of corporations down their throat. Get to know them. We are all in this together, and only together will a revolution take place. Make an effort to get to know people, and good things will come up in your conversations. We must get to know people. We must befriend people if we expect them to pay attention to us. This isn’t a mass ad campaign. It is getting to know all the people who must be united if we are to have a revolution. No single person can bring the revolution. The revolution will come from the people of America. If half of the country feels that everything is okay, then there will be no revolution.

There are other people in this town who want to start a revolution. Meet them.

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