Friday, July 24, 2009

Democrats and Republicans

ver the last 50? years politics have become nothing but a battle of moral issues. Republican versus Democrat has ceased to be a debate about principle and policy but more about abortion, war, immigration, stem-cell research... Our political affiliations are rooted in emotional ties.

Now that we have an honest candidate in the national spotlight championing the constiution over moral authority we have one of two things... Passioned support by many who have been starving to support a reasonable candidate... and those who can not bear to sever ties with the democratic party to vote Republican for deep emotional issues.

Our emotional dependence on the Presidential parties has been facilitated by the media. Abortion has been a ploy to get our votes (the anti-abortion candidates get elected and nothing happens). The war has been a ploy to get our votes (the democrats get elected to congress and nothing happens. They are even voting to start taking steps to war with Iran.

I've heard many peopole in the past say that they were independent. That they would vote for the best candidate regardless of political party. I have been one of those people. I have always voted Democrat. But now their is an honest candidate running under the Republican ticket who speaks with the authority of reason rather than the emotional talk that the political parties have grown so accustomed to speaking in order to pull the heartstrings of the nation. For Republicans it's abortion and God. For the Democrats it's helping the poor.

When will we over come our emotional ties and support the candidate that would be the best for thsi country? The candidate that would uphold his oath of office to follow the constitution? The candidate who would exert the least force on our lives?

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