Friday, July 24, 2009

God vs America

I think we can better understand foreign policy and America's role in it if we look at an analogy comparing America to God.

We consider God to be the moral authority. God knows what's best for the lives of human beings.

In the same way America looks at the actions of other countries and believes it knows what's best for those countries. America views itself as the world superpower, authoritarian figure.

And America intervenes and tries to stop a country from doing something that America considers wrong. For example... sometimes Americans say that when one country invades another we should intervene and stop the the invading country from doing it's wrong action.

However, God does not intervene and force humans to change their actions. God allows us to try to be good on our own. He wants us to be good and we can choose to or not; but God does not step in and force us to do his will.

I think America can learn from this analogy by playing the God role more precisely. It is right for America to believe they know what's best for other countries, but it is wrong and ungodly for Americans to step in and reprimand forcefully all others who have not learned these moral lessons yet.

I think America would be better suited to stop intervening in the affairs of other countries and let them work things out on their own, unless the country REALLY is a threat to our national security (unlike Iraq).

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