Friday, July 24, 2009

Take Time

What time is it in Utah? Loook at your watch said the man. If you know of a watch in this part of the woods you better let me know.
Jim was just sitting down for lunch. "it's hot in here said andy". Can you just let me listen to the music please. "oh sorry" andy said. "I'm taking the train today.". "which train?"
Outside the sun was shining. the sky was blue. The grass was bright bright dark green. All was illuminating electromagnetic radation.

There was a commercial on the television. Here is what it said.

"All you can eat chicken, $5.95 at the boro bar and grill, get free chopsticks with your order."

"free chopsticks? i been needing me a pair of those," said jim.

The music that was playing was Aphex Twin's selected ambient works.

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