Friday, July 24, 2009


Democracy versus Republic

In a democracy the majority of the people decide what takes place. In a republic the majority elects a small group of people who decide what takes place.

Democracy seems to me to be less and less of a good idea, because overall the people are not very smart. Intelligence manifests itself better in some men and women than others. It is better for the brightest men and women to be making the decisions for our country rather than the majority rule.

Because of this I am tending to side more with republicanism than socialism because it seems socialism is supposed to be more democratic… However… the argument is really capitalism versus communism. And you could have a republican communistic government.

Regardless. America is a capitalist republic. For the moment foregoing the capitlist aspect and focusing on the republic aspect… it seems that our republic is not working. Because our elected officials are no longer the best and brightest. They are only the wealthiest. The honest, bright politicians are the ones on the fringe who do not get elected… see Ron Paul.

Don’t forget about Anarchy! ;)

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