Friday, July 24, 2009


Just as our thoughts are part of material reality. So could God’s thoughts be part of all the reality we see. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a 4th dimension.

What are our thoughts? They are real yes… but they don’t exist materially in the world. (Perhaps I am speaking of the consciousness of our thoughts.) The neuronal combinations that give rise to our thoughts exist, but these are not our thoughts. All that is is this. But just as we have thoughts that aren’t material so too God could have thoughts. A consciousness made up of all that is.


Our souls must influence the material world. Otherwise all of our thoughts are completely determinstic and we can’t control them. Our souls manipulate the quantum particles and arrange our neurons in ways that allow us to think and act as we do. Similarly God is not controlled by all the material reality. God’s thought’s control it.


However these two arguments seem contradictory. Because the second one speaks of souls which implies a 4th dimension. Perhaps there is a 4th dimension that we have always been familiar with.. the dimension of thought. Don’t forget time.. perhaps we are talking about the 5th dimension here.


It is not hard to love. It is however hard to feel that you are loved. It is hard to express love.

gumby600: yeah so.. the problem is .. i couldn't write a treatise on god.. and argue for the materiality of god.. and then turn around and argue for the necessary existence of souls.
gumby600: but actually .. i could probably do that.. in the same treatise.. i could say .. okay it is possible for god to be nonmaterial.. but then nothing would have free will.. not even god... so god must be spirit, and we must have souls.


We can imagine a God without free will. In the beginning his thoughts were created out of some combination of the matter that came to exist in whatever reality it first came to exist in. The material created consciousness and determined God’s thoughts. After the cycle was put in motion everything would be causally connected and God could have done everything he did without free will since his thoughts were determined by the material world… However it seems this argument could be flawed.. because if all thoughts were determined by the material world in which everything is random then what would keep God’s thoughts going from love to hate to a jumbled mess, to whatever?? It seems that at some point God would have gained control… but… it is possible to imagine that God doesn’t have free will. We don’t have free will.. And everything that happens necessarily must happen.

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