Friday, July 24, 2009


Us American kids have so many social problems. Divorce rates are higher than ever. We love money so much that we watch people win it on the television. We are so materialistic. Our political policies sometimes emphasize the economy over the environment and humanity. Is America perfect? Is everything okay? No, something is wrong. America can be better. We need to change.
All of us American kids are in the same boat. We are depressed. We think no one likes us. We are worried that we are ugly. We have been isolated. Instead of family love we have isolation. We have television, and movies, and CD’s and video games. It is hard being a kid in America. It is hard being a parent. Today I saw a child take M&M’s from his little brother and put them back on the shelf. The little brother started to cry and there was great anguish on his face. He made bodily movements maybe stamping…
Bush says he is a Christian yet he speaks of getting “revenge” on the terrorists. Did Jesus not say “Resist not an evil person. And if a man strikes you on the right cheek offer the other to him. You have heard it was said to hate your enemies, but I say to you love your enemies and pray for those who hate you.” Sending troops to hunt down and kill the terrorists is not Christ-like and will only bring more hatred. You cannot fight evil with evil. Christ taught us to love our enemies and not return evil to them. If we do that then the viscous cycle continues. We must practice love towards all. Only through love can we eliminate evil. We do not need to fight wars and murder and kill. We must love as Christ taught us.

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