Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bite Me

Little boxes on the hillside Little boxes made of ticky tacky Maybe she's got the bends Am I really sinking this low We don't have any real friends I wish that something would happen. I use to wish that something would happen ( In High School ). I guess something has happened. I am a father of two children and a stepdaughter. That is something. But why did I want something in the first place? Dissatisfaction with life. My life is pretty busy now. Not a lot of time for dissatisfaction. Only a little. But now the song would go... I wish that so much wouldn't happen so often. Why wasn't I blissfully happy in material wonderland like everyone else? Tomorrow is Sunday. Maybe I will go to church. With God all things are possible. Jesus don't lose a sheep. Except one that the scriptures be fulfilled. What if it was you? Judas.

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