Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arisotelian School

In a previous post I wrote about Aristotle's view of friendship. Here is a quote "The model of the best friendship that Aristotle outlines in the Nichomachean Ethics is based upon virtue. Aristotle writes, “when everyone strains to achieve what is fine and concentrates on the finest actions, everything that is right will be done for the common good, and each person individually will receive the greatest of goods, since that is the character of virtue”. This is Aristotle’s ultimate goal. If every person strove toward what is virtuous then eventually everything would be done for the common good, and nothing would be done selfishly. Even though we may never reach Aristotle’s ideal, individuals can still improve their lives, friendships, and the lives of others around them by aspiring to live virtuously." Why not found a school based on this idea? It would not be a religious school, but certainly religious people would be welcome. But also muslims, buddhists, even atheists would be welcome as long as they (or their parents) were committed to achieving good. The school could offer classes in philosophy or religion. I think it could be good.

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