Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Dishwasher Goes Tink Tink

I am not exactly sure what I want to write. Something about how my body/mind needs certain stimuli before it can adequately function... something else about means and ends... and sacrificing our lives to Jesus. The last week has been pretty miserable. I've even had trouble sleeping... until yesterday when I made love to my wife. Then I was happy enough to sleep! I slept from midnight till noon; except of course for the interruptions of children puking or climbing into my bed. I woke up to a day when both females of my house were sick. So I gladly took on the responsibilities of housekeeping. I would rate my housekeeping a C- for the day. tonight I drank 3 beers and some wine... two is usually my limit but I have had a steady supply of water going since the first drink. after watching 2 episodes of weeds I had the urge to pray. So i prayed briefly. After the third episode I washed dishes. Moral of the blog post? I don't have one. But I do want some -----, and also a maid. Please let me know if you could provide either service. I did want to write about sacrificing our lives to Jesus. When I prayed after that second episode of weeds I yearned for God. Sometimes I think I should just be praying all the time. But praying is not the end. It is the means to God. Just like sex was not the end, but the means for achieving some level of happiness. And beer, wine, and ---- ... not the end, but the means for prayer and getting some dishes done... But prayer was not the end... but the means for getting closer to God, the true end.

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