Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Judge J. M R

Judge J. M R of Murfreesboro, TN does not seem to me to be a very good Judge. It seems he lets his personal biases overrule the legality of his judgments. I would not recommend voting for him whenever his reelection comes up in Murfreesboro.

I wish I could yell at him about how he is not treating mothers and fathers as individuals in court cases but instead he seems to be treating them as generic mothers and fathers entitled to certain rights of precedent.

But it is not all judge Rogers fault. The current situation of separated/divorced mothers and fathers and their children is... horrible. It is horrible for people who strongly dislike each other to be forced to regularly communicate with each other about their children. It causes a lot of stress. It is unfortunate because of the fact that the children do not receive the resonant love that a mother father couple can provide in a loving relationship.

So what is the solution? Well... I would say people shouldn't have sex until they are married and people should be allowed to marry younger when sex drives first kick in. Counter Arguments? I guess I have not even made an argument... If marriage is not for you how about commitment? Marriage is a commitment to stay with someone until death. People could make those commitments without marriage... I feel as if I am not making good points...

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