Friday, August 15, 2008

The Government Hypocrisy

Indeed it has been shown. You mustn't have the government helping people.

If you don't have any one else to turn to to provide for you then you must rely on yourself. Relying on oneself is very difficult. Relying on oneself will lead one to call for God. When one is trying to work some work will get done. Because they are seeking God's help they will refine their moral sense and become better people. Therefore if we don't allow the government to take care of people then things will get done and people will get better.

Though not spoken in the argument directly one assumption that may or may not be an implied assumption in the argument above but perhaps need be so is that God is real.

If God is real and he desires people to rely on him, then people who rely on God will become better people.

Here's the new argument....

God is real.
God wants us to rely on him.
God is good.
If one relies on God then one does God's will.


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